«Armastek-Idea» Llc : Tatarstan export support center

Industries: Construction

Contact information

423259, Tatarstan, Leninogorsk, Chaykovskiy Street, 30;





The executive:

Lidia Anatolyevna Gremyak

Manufacture of plastic goods used in construction.

The list of products:

Polymer composite fiberglass fixtures with the diameter of 4-20 mm.

Competitive advantages of products:

Light weight, durability, low thermal conductivity, low temperatures resistance, corrosion resistance in aggressive environment, possess dielectric characteristics, acid resistance, radio transparency, any construction length, cutting of transport and loading-unloding expenses, durability no less than 80 years.

Certificates and patents:
  • GRAND-PRIX diploma of the competition “The best product of the exhibition” on the 19th international specialized exhibition “VOLGASTRIYEXPO” in the nomination of “construction finishing materials” 2014;
  • Diploma of a participant of the Russia-Serbia industrial exhibition in Belgrad, Serbia in 2014.;
  • Patent for the useful model №94593 ”Composite fixtures”;
  • №97150 ”Composite fixtures”;
  • №91353 “Fixture element”.