The centre of powder coatings “RADAR” (Individual Entreprenuer Belavina Radmila Vladimirovna) : Tatarstan export support center

Industries: Machine-building complex

Contact information

420061, Russia, Tatarstan, Kazan, N.Yershova Street, 49Б




The executive:

Radmila Vladimirovna Belavina


Manufacture of own patented equipment for deposition of plymer powder coatings.

The list of products:

Air brushes and powder paint installations of the START brand (8 modifications), ”MINISTART” complex.

Field of application:
  • Car and aircraft industry, car service;
  • Production of benches and equipment (including those for agriculture, power industry, oil-gas industry, banks and supermarkets);
  • Construction;
  • Tool engineering; пmanufacture of sport equipment and chiuldren’s playgrounds;
  • Production of furniture;
  • Manufacture of household and medical appliances;
  • Consumer and souvernir goods production.
Competitive advantages of products:

Simplicity and relianity of exploitation, reasonable price, low weight, shatter-resistant caseрпус, оperfect maintenance service.

Certificates and patents:

Патенты № 54361(Платформа для устройства перемещения контейнера), №2267349(Вибратор), №47261(Комплекс для нанесения порошковых полимерных покрытий «МИНИСТАРТ»), №2267454(Устройство для перемещения контейнера и амортизатор для него), №46060(Устройство для нанесения порошковых полимерных композиций (2 варианта).