«Eidos» ltd : Tatarstan export support center

Industries: Medicine and pharmaceuticals

Contact information

Kazan, Peteburgskaya Street, 50


8 (843) 227-40-60



The executive:

Lenar Nailevich Valeyev

R&D in natural and technical sciences.

The list of products:

Virtual simulators; a robot-patient of the ICU and anesthesiology department; ambulance unit simulator.

Field of application:

Medical universities, healthcare institutions, Collective Use Centres and Centres for In-service Training

Competitive advantages of products:

The company has developed a unique simulator, which combines a robot-patients, endosurgical and anesthesiological simulators; low range of prices compared with the prices on equipment produced by competitive companies.

Certificates and patents:
  • Patents for useful models
  • International application PTC/RU2013/000419 “Hybrid medical laporoscopic simulator”
  • Certificate of conformity № 141299029 for the virtual simulator of the “ENSIM” type.