«Research and Production Enterprise «Vnedrenie» : Tatarstan export support center

Industries: Electrical Power Engineering

Contact information

420034, Russia, Tatarstan, Kazan, Vakhitov Street, 10


+7(843) 227-03-21,
+7(843) 227-03-32



The executive:

Viktor Nikolayevich Kornilov (director)



R&D and manufacture of nozzles for atomizing and burning liquid fuel.

The list of products:
  • Nozzles for burning the liquid fuel;
  • Nozzles for atomizing water and technical fluids;
  • Nozzles for burning coal-water and DOE fuels.
Field of application:
  • Used for efficient and ecological burning of liquid fuel on TPPs, SDPPs, in boilers and other energy producing installations;
  • For atomizing water in systems of irrigation, dust suppression, conditioning, humidifying, etc.
Competitive advantages of products:

High quality of fuel (liquid) atomizing, long liffecycyle due to use of the cutting edge special steels and alloys, low cost.

Certificates and patents:

Patent № 2262039 ”Method of burning the carbohydrate fuel and device for its implementation”; Patent № 2360182, № 2369803 «”The method of atomizing the liquid fuel and the device for its implementation” and others;