«Research and Production Company «ElePS» LLC : Tatarstan export support center

Industries: Medicine and pharmaceuticals

Contact information

420036, Russia, Tatarstan, Kazan, Dementyev Street, 2в


+7(843) 570-40-44, 8-800-700-87-03



The executive:

Aleksey Mikhaylovich Podkurkov



Manufacture of medical technique.

The list of products:
  • Endoscopic optical tubes;
  • LED xenon and halogen lighters;
  • insufflators;
  • surgical electric instruments;
  • aspirator-irrigator;
  • endoscopic videocameras, including Full HD cameras;
  • rotation shaver;
  • lighting cables;
  • mono- and bipolar endoscopic surgery instruments.
Field of application:

Laparo- and thoracoscopy, rhino- and arthroscopy, mammoplastics and reconstructive surgery, hysteroresctoscopy and gynecology, sterilization and desinfection, цcystoscopy and transurethral resectoscopy, electric surgery.

Certificates and patents:
  • Certificate of trademark;
  • Patents for: industrial sample of the “Eleps” endoscope, endoscope invention, the useful model of trocar, and the patent for an endoscope with incorporated LED light source and its power supply control unit; 3)All products have certificates of conformity to the state standards Р.