RunLine : Tatarstan export support center

Industries: Electrical Power Engineering

Contact information

422550, Russia, Tatarstan, Zelenodolsk, Chapayev Street,88


+7 (84371) 5-48-65, 5-48-68


The executive:

Aleksey Aleksandrovich Kleoshkin


Development and manufacture of LED screens and media — facades with the use of LED claster lines.

The list of products:
  • LED medi-facades and screens;
  • LED running letters, clocks and electorinics for the filling stations advertising towers manufacture.
Field of application:

Outdoor advertizing, information boards, show-events, mobile systems of mass information for population and etc.

Competitive advantages of products:
  • Cluster lines light weight and flexibility makes it possible to place the screen both on a standard advertising billboord 3х6 m and the façade of buildings (including those with curviture), without additional strengthening of the construction and the foundation;
  • Low watt consumption — 340 W/м² (the screen of 16.22 sq meters consumes 2 kW/hourr!);
  • The number of color gradation – more than 18 billion;
  • The possibility of direct video broadcasting.