«TatOilProm» LTD : Tatarstan export support center

Industries: Chemistry and petrochemistry

Contact information

423450, Russia, Tatarstan, Almetyevsk, Bazovaya Street, 4


+7(8553) 456-222, 44-14-12



The executive:

Ildar Mirzayevich Khayrullin (director)



Design and manufacture of a set of equipment for maintaining the formation pressure in oil and gas deposits on the basis of horizontal split electric centrifugal pumps.

The list of products:

Horizontal pump systems in open or packaged plants, МФНС-МPPS. Multiphase pumps systems.

Field of application:

Used for pumping water into wells for maintaining the formation pressure and utilization of associated water in oil deposits.

Competitive advantages of products:

High power efficiency of pumps 60-75 %. Long exploitation period between repairs. Smooth start and stop of pumps. The equipment does not require enforced foundation. Vibration level of our pump systems is by 3-4 times lower compared to other similar pumps of continuous flow and positive displacement pumps; minimal ecological risks. We produce completely closed systems equipment. During its usage there are no any leakages of pumped formation fluid on the technological platform where the pump equipment is installed.